Drone footage takes you where the buffalo roam

Drone footage of buffalo

In preparation for the live auction at Custer State Park, this video celebrates the beauty of undisturbed nature. Be prepared to be mesmerized as a drone gives us an aerial view of gorgeous prairies filled with buffalo.

The video was produced during the Governor’s Buffalo Roundup. It provides a glimpse into an area of the country where nature still prevails. Many viewers noted this video gives a glimpse into what America was like when settlers first arrived.

Although these prairie lands in the midwest are breathtakingly beautiful, it does not top many lists for vacation destinations. Viewers appreciated this video, noting that they would not be visiting the park in person but could still enjoy the wondrous beauty and vistas.

Drone footage of buffalo

The video provides a peaceful and relaxing moment away from reality. There is no narration. The videographer pans across the state park, showcasing the wildlife that lives there. He carefully chose peaceful music in the background, adding to the mesmerizing effect of his work.

Multiple viewers commented about how much they appreciated seeing the buffalo roam free. There is no room to simply roam in urban America, and many loved seeing these animals having this freedom.

The sheer beauty of the landscape was the other feature many viewers commented about after watching. The park has green pastures, blue water creeks, and a vast horizon that most can only imagine seeing in their lifetime.

Nature is peaceful. Videos like this highlight nature’s beauty and bring amazement to those who cannot visit the park themselves.

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