Eagle Gets Stuck High Up In Tree. One Man Was Able To Cut Through Red Tape To Save Him.

It was a scene that would grab your attention immediately if you saw it. An eagle was stuck in a tree, caught on a rope. It was also 70 feet in the air, which made a simple rescue impossible. Several jurisdictions played a game of “Hot Potato” with the situation. No one wanted to take the responsibility… which sounds like our political climate, doesn’t it? They hid behind talk about safety measures and other excuses. They really didn’t want the publicity blowback if something happened to the eagle during the rescue attempt. What could they do?

Enter veteran Army sharpshooter Jason Galvin. He looked up, assessed the situation and suggested that he shoot the branch with a rifle. This was a man who was VERY competent with firearms and he knew that he could do it in a way that would not hurt the eagle. This vet still had to go through proper procedures and he contacted the Department of Natural Resources, where he got the OK to go ahead with his plan.

This was not going to be an easy matter – there were a lot of variables to contend with. Galvin wasn’t going to be able to sight the branch one time, squint, and then break it with one shot. No, he had to contend with sunlight, wind, and also the highly-irritated bird was also constantly moving. Patience was a virtue for the Army vet, though. He went to work and it took him 150 shots to get the bird, who was dubbed Fredom, free.

There’s a legend of a man named William Tell, who’s famous for more than just having an overture named after him. He shot an apple off the top of his son’s head using a bow and arrow. Galvin basically replicated that feat… 150 times. Freedom is lucky that he was in the area… otherwise who knows what would have happened if the departments had kept up their dithering.

Galvin’s unflappability and sharpshooting prowess is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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