Elephant calf puzzled by mystery of missing nose. What she did next had me rolling in laughter!

Elephants are known to have long memories and they love to show their love and affection through their trunk. We may communicate with our words and express our love for one another by saying ‘I love you’, but they communicate their affection by stroking each other with their trunks.

Now, this baby elephant is new to the world but is curious about everything. That is quite evident in the way she approaches the tourist. You will see in the video how the elephant calf touches the woman’s face, as if curious on why her trunk is not there. She probably doesn’t realize that the woman is not the same species as her and is not part of the elephant family. The video footage shows how puzzled the little elephant is and is trying to discover where the trunk could be hidden.

Her reaction when she can’t find the trunk is hilarious! I was rolling on the floor laughing watching the cute and adorable calf search for the elusive trunk. I guess she learnt one important life lesson! That not everyone she meets is the same as her and not everyone is an elephant.

It’s heartening to see the baby’s curiosity and the absence of fear as she communicates with the tourist and it’s really nice to see how the tourist humors the infant calf. Seeing videos like this makes me glad that we have places where animals are not scared of humans and that we have a chance to be with them as well.

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