Ella Fitzgerald’s performance on Ed Sullivan proves she deserved nickname ‘First Lady of Song’

Ella Fitzgerald

A video by the legendary Ella Fitzgerald proves some songs are just timeless when sung by a talented artist. The video is another reminder that Ella was one of the most gifted singers of the twentieth century.

The Ed Sullivan Show was a popular television show that aired on CBS for 23 years, from the late forties to the early seventies. Entertainers hosted on the show included comedians, broadway stars, singers, and bands.

Some of the most incredible acts of all time appeared on the show, such as The Beetles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Julie Andrews, and Rodney Dangerfield, to name a few. One outstanding artist who took the stage on the Ed Sullivan show was American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella had many nicknames, and all of them pay tribute to her exceptional musical talent. Known as the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz, and Lady Ella, she accumulated many awards during her career. Some of these accolades included a whopping fourteen Grammy Awards, the National Medal of Arts, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

In this video, Ella shows us why she deserves names like ‘First Lady’ and ‘Queen’. She performs one of her popular songs called ‘I Love Being Here With You’ live on the show and does so brilliantly.

The show was aired in February of 1964, but for almost 70 years, she has been recognized for her talent and receiving praises from all over the world. Many fans commented online and shared the video of her performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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