When Elvis Appeared On The Ed Sullivan Show, His Dance Got Him In Trouble! Do You Remember It?

Ed Sullivan was a very famous television interviewer. He had many different guests on the well-established show, most of the acts being something wholesome or being the best in the field, responsible for amazing feats that they are remembered for fondly up to this day. Whether musicians, actors, or other prominent media figures, Ed Sullivan had them and made sure he interviewed or shared their ideas, messages, or greatness with the rest of the world.

One musician that seemed to challenge Ed’s sense of moral goodness was Elvis. He found the young rock and roller too risqué and found his performances to be heavily sexual. Not quite an idol that acted wholesome and polite, but rather a young and wild stallion, untamed by societies standards, Elvis went down in history for his performance on the Ed Sullivan show.

He had become too popular at that point in time to pass up the chance to interview him. His performances full or ideas and sexually charged content is the subject of many different revolutions in how free we are now with sex, implications of sexual activities, as well as innuendo. It was a very controversial topic at the time. Many didn’t learn or study effects of sex or body positivity as they do now.

Thanks to Elvis and his controversial dance on the Ed Sullivan show, we’ve advanced, being more focused on the possible side effects or risks that sex may have in our lives. Once we started having more open dialogues about sex, we could eventually talk about STDs (which are STIs now) more freely. Awareness into the dangers our sexuality can bring us enlightened our choices in a more informed and realistic way.

However, Elvis’s famous dance really was the start of it all.

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