This Emotional Commercial Was Screened Once Before It Was Pulled Off The Air

Everyone who watches television on a regular basis knows that Budweiser has some excellent commercials. We have to give credit where credit is due – those Clydesdale horses featured in each ad are incredibly majestic. They certainly capture all the attention when they come on screen! Though it was only aired once, this heart-wrenching video very well might leave you in tears. It’s a truly touching tribute to such a difficult moment in American history.

Years back, Budweiser created a beautiful advertisement as a tribute to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They chose to air it only a single time, because they weren’t looking to profit from it. Their message was simple, but strong: “let us never forget.” It was never again shown on television, but it’s still watched and appreciated by many viewers online. For good reason, too – it’s beautifully crafted and well worth the watch.

It’s pretty easy for most of us to reflect on September 11th as though it was yesterday. Even if you weren’t born yet, chances are you can recall the details of the horrific event pretty well. Though it was an intensely sorrowful time for the country and for the world as a whole, Americans came together afterwards in a truly remarkable way, and this advertisement is a reminder of Americans’ unity. It’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, and we must lean on one another and build each other up in order to make the world a better place.

Budweiser showed a great example of patriotism in this beautiful advertisement. And, yes – it features the Clydesdale horses! Make sure you have tissues nearby, as you’re probably going to need them! Check out the one-of-a-kind commercial for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments. Then, share this tear-jerking video with your friends.