Enormous bulldog helpless when attacked by fearsome Chihuahua

It’s known as “small dog syndrome.” In sharp contrast to large dogs (who tend to be confidence on four legs) small dogs are often little bundles of insecurity. The only way for a small dog to resolve this inner turmoil is to delude himself into thinking he’s much larger and more powerful than he really is. “Fake it until you make it,” as they say. A small dog’s efforts to punch above his weight could have disastrous consequences, but more often it’s really funny and cute, too.

The smallest dog of all is the lovable little Chihuahua, weighing in at 5 pounds or so. Named for the state in northern Mexico, the breed has a long history: evidence from pottery and other artwork suggests Chihuahua-like dogs may have been around nearly 2,000 years ago!

If a Chihuahua shared a home with a much larger dog, say, an American bulldog twenty times his size, you might expect the little fellow to show some respect and deference to his larger friend. But this is where “small dog syndrome” comes in. You’ll see an uproarious example of it in the video that’s posted below. The irrepressible, energetic Chihuahua is determined to play with the big bulldog, if nibbling on the bulldog’s tail really counts as “play”! The bulldog’s reaction to that says, “Really? This again?” Fortunately, this bulldog is a gentle giant who isn’t going to hurt his pint-sized friend even if he is sometimes annoying. So he gently pushes the Chihuahua away and then rests his head on the floor, clearly eager to take a nap. But the little dog comes back and this time he’s batting at his enormous friend’s face. You can almost hear the bulldog saying, “Come on! I really want to take a nap!” He gives the Chihuahua some mild nibbles to say enough is enough, but there’s really no stopping “small dog syndrome.”

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