Every View Of This Video Leads To A Pound Of Dog Food Being Donated To Shelters

Dogs can really add a touch of magic into your life. People with dogs are said to live longer and have healthier and happier lives than those that don’t. Every dog owner will testify to how amazing their pooches are. Just to test it out, some puppies were taken to a kindergarten, retirement home and a gym to see people’s reactions to them.

It was like any ordinary day for the people in this video, going about their daily routines, until the puppies arrived. They instantly brought a smile to the faces of everyone in the room. The kids were so happy to see them, and so were the seniors at the retirement home. At the retirement home, all of the puppies were little Corgis. Their little faces were so happy with all the love and attention from the older people there.

Even the people at the gym were overjoyed! Who wouldn’t be? One guy at the gym went on to say that the puppies took away all his stress and tiredness! The people at the gym were sitting in a circle, playing with the puppies, taking selfies, and it was so cute. But the best part was when these pups first entered the gym. They were each wearing little headbands around their ears and wristbands on their legs like they were working out in the 80’s! It was precious!

For every view this video gets, PuppyChow will donate one pound of dog food to shelters! It’s a very generous offer and shelters all over the country need help feeding the dogs and cats that are looking for forever homes.

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