Everyone Was Excited To See The Puppets. But When She Lifted Her Legs & Did THIS Next? OMG!

This clip shows a hilariously refreshing puppet show. Britain’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of unusual acts and this one is arguably the weirdest and most original of them all. The performer is Anne Klinge from the southern part of Germany. She is a puppeteer extraordinaire.

Nothing will prepare for what’s to follow. The puppet show starts and you see a male puppet in the form of Anne’s leg – her foot is the head and the rest of the leg is the body! And then the male puppet moves to the side and meets a female puppet in the form of her other leg.

Anne has got everyone’s rapt attention by now. The judges are watching with amusement and delight. The puppet show evolves into a love story that is as heartwarming as it is funny. Wait till you see the two puppets romancing each other. You will not believe the strip show put on by the female puppet! It will have you shriek in delight just as you start to feel a bit uncomfortable. What can possibly top that? How about a baby puppet for the cute couple?

Is that even possible? In any event Anne is a super creative puppeteer with a huge repertoire. Her acts cover the whole range from children’s show to vaudeville show to comedy act to classy opera to adult only show!