Everyone Gave Up On This Dog. What This Place Did For Him? A MIRACLE!

When Bella was just to a half years old she was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome. This is a very rare genetic disease with some very bad effects on the human body. It attacks the bones, shortens the lifespan, and has a host of other health problems. As a result Bella could walk on her own and relied on either crutches or wheelchair to get around.

But in 2015 Everything changed for Bella. Bella’s mum, Rachel, went to the Service Dog Project to find a dog for Bella. She hoped that it would make Bella’s life a little easier. Most of the dogs ignored Bella’s presence, except for George.

George was not only interested he was curious, gentle, and attentive. From the very first glance that they shared it was clear that the two shared special bond. From that day on George and Bella have been inseparable.

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