Baby Girl Walks onto The Dance Floor and Steals the Limelight with Her Boogie-Woogie

When you’ve had a few drinks at a wedding or some other party, you’re guaranteed to think you can dance – and who knows – maybe you actually can!

We’ve all been there, trying to steal the spotlight when a classic dance tune comes on, utterly convinced we’re the best at cutting some rug since Fred Astaire, but no matter how good we are (or we think we are) your limelight is always likely to be stolen by a dancing baby. Always!

And that is exactly what happened at this function and the internet is going crazy for it. This adorable little girl is totally unfazed by the other dancers – particularly that couple doing some flashy swing moves – and she just gets on with stealing everyone’s hearts with her own little wobble!

She’s clearly having a ball as she moves around the dance floor, grinning from ear to ear. The watching crowd can’t help but give the little angel some encouragement and she instantly responds, doing her own little adorable jig to some pop classics. Even if other dancers are really turning on the style – this little darling is going home the winner!

With a twirl one way and a twirl the other, she clearly shows she’s got the rhythm. Maybe this is something she’s going to really get into when she’s older? Maybe we’re watching a future talent show participate right here? With moves like this at such a young age – who would bet against her?!

Mom and dad must be so proud of their beautiful baby girl as the well-wishers and YouTube comments pile up. “I have watched this at least 15 times,” says one fan. “Someone get her a dance partner” comments another, while most generally think she is the cutest thing they’ve ever seen!

And you can clearly see she doesn’t want to stop when mom comes in to assist – she runs away with a huge grin on her face! “I don’t want to stop dancing mom! I was born for this!” She stomps her little feet, touches the floor and spins like she’s a dancing pro. And when she’s all done at the end of the number, she presses her hands to the ground and shouts a triumphant “YAY!” We think she’s found her calling and it’s going to be hard to pull her off any future dancefloors from now on.

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