Excited Golden Retriever Puppies Flow Like River Into Backyard

There aren’t many things that are as cute as a fluffy puppy. The only thing we can think of is a massive pack of them. Their youthful innocence, paired with big floppy ears and puppy breath, can even make the Grinch smile.

While there are various dog breeds that people find cute, the flowing yellow locks of a golden retriever seem to be one of the most popular breeds. A breeder called As Good As Gold near Peterborough, Ontario knows all about that.

Here, puppies are safely raised and have plenty of room to roam around and play. A new litter that’s ready to explore outside decides to flood out the door like a river. They instantly begin climbing all over each other and having a great time.

These canine cuties will soon go to their forever homes where doggy parents and children will give them love all day long. We can only hope that As Good As Gold keeps filming their charming pups for us to see.