Experienced Cuteness Overload? Watch Rescue Mama Cat’s Conversation With Her Babies. ADORABLE!

There are certain moments in life which we feel very privileged to witness. One such moment was a conversation a mama cat had with her feline offspring. Cate, the cat mom was rescued by the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc. (also known as VOKRA) and was given new life. She was taken care of and when her babies were born, she paid them all the love and attention a new mom showers on her babies.

What really got us was the way she communicated and spoke to her kittens. She would talk to them in a very soothing tone that seemed to calm the kittens. Having six kittens is no easy feat and handling them can be just as difficult, especially if all of them clamor for your attention, but Cate proved to be the great mum she is.

The rapport she shares with her kittens is evident in the video footage captured at VOKRA which shows how loving and dedicated she is to her babies. Doug from DrNworb’s KitCats was witness to this loving conversation and it really amazed him.

Listeners will be happy to know that this loving mum and her six feline fur babies have all found forever homes with loving families. You can also see their cuddle puddles, group hugs, curious kitten eyes roaming around and of course, the inevitable walking all over the mum in the video footage that is shared for you.

You can hear for yourself the feline conversation as the kittens squeak and the mother purrs in return. This is probably one of the sweetest feline conversations I’ve heard in a while and you can be witness to their kitty cat chat here as well.

Have you been witness to loving purring chats? Do you notice your feline pet communicating with her babies in a special way? We’d love to hear about it! Please share your experiences with us in our comments section.

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