Family shares hilarious parody song “All of The Prices Have Gone Up”

All of the Prices Have Gone Up (But We Can’t Pay That) is one of the parody songs of The Marsh Family. They had gained popularity a few years back. However, the unique song was created sometime before and mixed humor, love, and hope.

The six members of the family resided in Kent, United Kingdom. They were a talented group of singers who put in a lot of humor in several songs from different musical groups and have given them a unique twist.

The group consisted of the parents, Ben and Danielle Marsh. Ben was a history professor, and Danielle worked as an administrator. They would perform with their children Tess (10), Ella (13), Thomas (14), & Alfie (16).

They have often been compared to “The Partridge Family” since the band had 5 kids who traveled along with their widowed mom in a groovy bus. Ben and Danielle had met at college, and now, several decades later, the duo and their 4 kids have turned their family into a musical sensation.

Many people have reacted positively to the Marshes and said that expressing their feelings through a song was one of the best ways of expressing themselves. The song “All of the Prices Have Gone Up (But We Can’t Pay That)” was about inflation and how ordinary people cope.

The 13-year-old Ella told one of the interviewers, “We really enjoyed singing, acting, and being on camera. But, there are some situations where it’s nerve-wracking, or there are certain things you don’t want to be a part of. So it’s nice to have the safety blanket of mum and dad helping us with it.”

Although both parents don’t have a musical background, Ben’s parents taught students. As a result, the kids have been learning to play the bass guitar, drums, and piano. The family also had a dog who loved to make appearances during the performance.

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Family shares hilarious parody song \