This Famous Actor Tells Us A Very Important Message About Protecting The World.

Today, we present to you an important message about animal rights and protection of biodiversity, delivered by no other than the Academy Award Winner Christopher Walker. The man who starred in Stepford Wives worked together with the Humane Society of the U.S., to remind us about the importance of living peacefully with the ecosystem and our surrounding wildlife. The message he brings is a very important one, and everyone has to hear this.

In the video, he mentions how life in our nation is very diverse, awesome, and present in many shapes and forms everywhere. He says that while we like to admire this from afar, when it starts interfering with our life somehow, we find it problematic instead of beautiful. This has to change, because it’s leading us to destroy entire ecosystems and species just for our own selfish desires.

This loss of life and habitats is in many ways related to human actions, because the main causes of deaths in nature are pollution, destruction by direct human interference, and the consequences that lead to the global warming phenomenon.

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