Farmer Thinks His Hen Is Hatching An Egg. When He Checks What It Is He Can’t Believe It

Animals are amazing. Some of the scenes that we have been able on video have been breathtaking. Animals like dogs or cats are protective of their owners. We have even seen cases where dolphins have saved people who are drowning in the open sea. Other hero animals include gorillas. They have protected small children that have fallen inside their cages until someone can get them out.

Chickens, on the other hand, are totally different. Chickens are generally considered to be distant animals. Sure, they’re fluffy and very social with each other. But we have seen the videos. They are not so social with people. They are very territorial and skittish. They don’t seem to like humans that much. They are also prey for wild animals like hawks and foxes. So, it’s no surprise that they tend to act nervous most of the time. The following hen, however, is quite different!

Chickens aren’t really known for being very cuddly. If they are raised since they are hatched they can be fairly comfortable around humans. Nevertheless, they will never be like dogs and cats. Hens are known for being protective. After all, there’s a reason for the term “mother hen” when referring to an over-protective mother.

Hens often use their own bodies to protect their young and keep them warm. This makes a lot of sense. Their eggs need to be hatched, and it takes the warm temperature to do that. One relationship that is out of the ordinary might be evidence that these birds might be cuddlier than people think.

This happened on a farm in New South Wales, Australia. One mother hen has become gotten very popular because of her generous expressions of motherly love and care. Her care is not only limited to her eggs, though! Besides sitting on her eggs, this hen also cares for another tiny creature: a barn kitten! The kitten was abandoned by its mother. The little critter happily curls up in her nest. The hen takes him under her wing. She protects him just like she would one of her own babies.

Like any great mother. She has no problem when it comes to letting her kids go. When the kitten gets curious about its surroundings and tries to wander away from the nest, his “mommy” puts him back in the nest. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much convincing by the hen to get him back in the nest. Absolutely adorable!