A farmer thinks his hen laid an egg. He is shocked to see what she’s really sitting on

When you hear the word ‘compassion’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe people rescuing victims of a natural disaster or making donations for a noble cause. Would do say you are a compassionate person? And if so, just how far are you willing to go? It might be because of your spiritual beliefs or simply because you are a selfless person who will lend a hand to anyone in need.

Compassion is one of the feelings that is supposed to identify us humans over any other species, right? Not only is this not always the case, but in some instances, it can be the exact opposite. I can name several examples of this, like wars and rising poverty rates. Even things like crime rates. I know that crime has been on the rise in almost each of the largest cities in the world, but are you really going to fix so many people by only locking them up?

Probably not. I consider myself to be a spiritual person. And maybe this is the reason that I always try to do stuff for other people that no one did for me. It might be giving someone a job or paying for his or her meal. There’s something that words cannot describe, a feeling of satisfaction that you get when helping another person in need.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of cases where empathy and compassion are more present than ever. Some of these cases have been starring animals instead of people. That’s surprising, right? Although people believe that animals are not capable of reasoning and having deep thoughts, there are times that their behavior almost suggests something different. I remember a case in South America, where a baby was abandoned by her mother in an alley.

The mother had told no one about this. People found out when a boy from the neighborhood went to take out the trash and heard a baby crying in an alley. It turns out that his mother had wanted to leave the baby at one of the houses the previous day, but had had no luck. A dog who had just given birth a few days before went to lie down next to the baby with her pups, so the baby wouldn’t get cold. This is what in the end saved the baby’s life.

The next video features another case. In this one, the ‘savior’ is not a dog or a cat, but a hen. A farmer goes to check up on his hens one morning when he discovers that his favorite hen might have laid an egg. He gets closer and tries to see how many eggs she’s trying to hatch, and sees something that left him stunned. And believe me, it wasn’t an egg.