Father calls his K9 crew for dinner, see what they do every time before dinner. Amazing cuteness

Dogs are the best things on the planet earth! It’s crazy to think about all the things that a dog can do. With training, our canine friends are pretty much unstoppable. They can help you in your day to day jobs, they can assist service people in their work, they can care for those in need, and they even perform therapy. Like this owner, you can also teach them to do some pretty unique tricks.

The clip you are about to watch below has two little dogs. Just check out what they both do before they are allowed to eat! You are going to be blown away as you witness that their owner has taught them to pray and say grace before they eat their dinner!

These dogs  are very well behaved, and are both dogs from a shelter. Listen to the prayer their master gives before they chow down. This kind man rescued these two darling puppies, and he  says a beautiful prayer for all of the dogs still living in the  shelter  hoping that they can find a warm, loving home.

We would like to tip our hat to this man for rescuing these two amazing canines and for spreading awareness about the needs of shelters the world over. Check out the footage and please go ahead and leave a comment as well as share the clip with your contacts.

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