Favorite Actors Bust a Move in Swinging Sixties Style! Have You Tried These Dance Moves?

If you switch on your TV, you’re bound to see a few shows which feature people either singing or dancing. But with so much attention focused on breaking out those fancy dance moves, somehow I never see our favorite stars getting jiggy with it. You know what I mean? Where have those good old days gone when actors and actresses would suddenly break into dance and song in the middle of a movie?

When did you last see your favorite star bust a move? Yeah, I know you have reality TV shows dedicated to famous personalities dancing to win, but it’s not the same as stars from the yesteryear. Well, if you’re feeling kinda nostalgic, then this video of compiled sixties stars dancing will get you in the mood to sway a bit to your own tune.

Well known celebrities like Doris Day, Adam West and even Dick Van Dyke take to the floor with their dance moves while grooving to some good music with their lady loves. If watching them sway isn’t enough to get your feet tapping as well, then the accompanying music is sure to get your pulse beating a little harder.

Watch some classic moves and some cringe-worthy ones as well in this dance mash-up. This video is bound to make you smile though – whether for the memories, the unique dance moves or the music. One thing for sure, it will definitely take you down memory lane and make you reminisce about the good old days – when there used to be dance parties where people danced actual dances.

You can still see from the video how graceful and classy the stars were back in the day. The dance moves may be amusing, but at least they were having fun and in the end, that’s really all that matters.

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Favorite Actors Bust a Move in Swinging Sixties Style! Have You Tried These Dance Moves?