Fearless Dog Shows Off His Winter Skill. When His Human Goes Sledding, So Does He!

Cats aren’t usually best friends with the cold. They aren’t best friends with water either, but when it comes to snow? I guess there must be a “claws” or two. When it comes to baths, rain or water being splashed on them, cats lose most of their body heat. This makes them extremely uncomfortable and irritable. It’s almost like getting sick to them I think. It just doesn’t put them in a great mood. Yet when you see How Weston deals with the cold? It’ll absolutely warm your heart. When you see how the two bond over wintertime activities, not only will you be surprised, I’m sure that you will smile wide.

Weston and his dad may live in a place where it snows but that doesn’t stop them from bonding. Throughout their experiences together Weston and dad have always had a blast, regardless of the temperature. When it comes to winter time in their town, Weston and dad find that they can get together and have fun like they never imagined. When it comes to winter sports of maneuverability, it seems as though few methods would be safe with or for cats. Snowboarding doesn’t offer the support one needs and skiing may lead to a bit too much speed. Yet, when Weston’s dad thinks up this activity, everyone ends up with smiles on their faces. Such a great share of adaptability, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw Weston.

When you see Weston in action, you won’t be able to disagree. Luckily his dad got him the proper winter attire to work against the winter madness. What did you think? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a “Like” on Facebook, share this with a friend or family member and don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below. We appreciate your patronage and we appreciate you.

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