Do You Feed Your Pets Human Food? You Should Stop Now, And Here’s Why!

Nothing makes me sadder than seeing a cat or a dog starving in the streets, but that sadness isn’t greater than the joy it brings me when their rehabilitated and safe. Watching pets enjoy their favorite meals is also a very happy sight! But being underweight is sadly only one side of the issue, and with more and more tasty snacks available for pets, overweight animals are now more common every day.

There’s not much blame to put on pet owners, either. It’s hard to know exactly how much food is enough for your pets, and seeing how happy it makes almost all of them when they’re fed, it’s only natural to give them more and more. But this can cause some serious health problems on the animals, and it’s very important to be mindful of their physical state, for their sake.

The video below shows the results given by Pet Fit Club, a diet and exercise program for pets designed by People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals designed to help people all over the world keep their dear animals in good health.

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