Fisherman Sees An Odd ‘Log’ In The Lake Before Realizing It’s A Creature That Needs His Help

One of the most relaxing activities for many people is fishing. It’s you vs. the lake. It goes back to the primal instincts of man and getting food. It is also a favorite because of the privacy. What better way to spend some free time than enjoying the peace and tranquility while you meditate and focus on your day.

That’s exactly what Brad Meck had in mind. He is an avid fisherman from Pennsylvania. He’s been one for quite some time now. He decides that the best place to do this is by going to Raystown Lake. He was thinking of some peace and quiet, but nothing could have prepared him for what would be lying ahead.

He goes to his favorite place to fish, a quiet and secluded place. In fact, it’s so far off that he can’t even get a decent cell phone signal. Suddenly, trouble showed up and without any signal, he is forced to decide. This decision could prove dangerous as well. It will also change how he feels about fishing from now on.

Far up at the distance he sees a strange log floating in the middle of his spot. As he gets closer he notices that it is starting to move. He asks to himself, what could this be? Could it be a beaver by any chance? Once it gets closer he realizes that it is a wild animal. But nothing like what you would expect floating in the water. It is a brown bear cub and the cub could barely hold his nose above water.

Many people would say here that the best thing would be to let nature take its course. For Brad, this wasn’t an option. He could not just sit there and let the poor cub by himself. He knew that by leaving that cub on its own, the cub would probably die. So, he stretches his arm and as the cub gets closer he pulls him into the boat. At this point, a very real possibility would be to get bitten by the cub. After all, the cub is a wild animal. Surprisingly, the cub remains calm.

After getting to shore, he realizes what he must do. According to the direction in which the cub was swimming, he calculates the spot where his mother might be. He dries the little fellow a bit and leaves the cub there. The cub looks around for a while and then, starts making his way into the woods. Another happy ending, thanks to Brad’s kind heart and willingness of doing something about it. A marvel to watch.