The Cactus Cuties Beautifully Sing the National Anthem – WOW

We’ve all experienced the moment just before a big sports game or event where the crowd suddenly goes silent and directs their attention to a flag. A singer or group of singers make their way to the front and performs the national anthem. It is a rare moment of silence and reverence. It is a moment to remember and reflect on what we love about this great nation of ours.

Unfortunately, many of these performances of the anthem can blend together in our minds. If we hear it too much, it can begin to lose its effect of awe and reverence that it has on the crowd. We need something to remind us of the greatness and awe that this Star SPangled Banner anthem should evoke.


Now when this group of 5 girls in pigtails from Texas called the “Cactus Cuties” arrived to perform for this game, everyone thought that their performance would be exactly what their name implies: cute. It was, however, far more than that.

Upon starting the anthem, they were a group of singers that clearly had beautiful and strong voices, but it still seemed like just another fairly good performance of the anthem. Suddenly, their voices started to build. The sound got stronger and stronger, and as the song went on, they harmonized with an incredible sound that this audience has never heard before.

The Cactus Cuties Beautifully Sing the National Anthem - WOW