She Found A Sick Horse On The Side Of A Road. Watch This Amazing Rescue!

Horses are majestic creatures. They are very noble and a verifiable pleasure to see running, both in the wild or in stables. Aside from this, they have an amazing chemistry with humans that goes back centuries. This amazing rescue story will move you!  It’ll convince you of the bond between horses and humans.

When Kelsey Allonge and her mother decided to take an early morning trip to go to a swap meet that they frequented, her mother went down a different road than what they normally take. They found something amazing down their odd way.

Kelsey spotted a sick horse on the side of that country road. Sunny the horse was starving and had fled her previous home due to the mistreatment she received from her owners. She was quickly inching closer and closer to death. Kelsey knew that she had to do something to help her.

Kelsey realized that she had no other choice than to walk this horse back to her home to get her the help and treatment that she deserved. That trip back to her Illinois house ended up being nine miles long.

Despite all of the hardships that Sunny faced during her young life, she survived that long walk to safety with Kelsey. But that’s not even the best part of this story. Be sure to watch and share this story with your friends and family!

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