This Song and Man Are Too Classy for This Day and Age. You Just Don’t See Talent Like This Anymore

Watch Frank put his body and soul into this upbeat classic and make you feel totally nostalgic for the good old days with the Rat Pack and the gang.

Frank Sinatra doesn’t just stand in front of the mic and sing “Luck be a Lady.” He practically becomes the song with his whole body. How he pulls off this feat while maintaining his macho, tough guy persona is part of what makes him a legend.

He not only belts out this classic but makes it feel as if he’s singing directly to you. Watch as he turns to rock out with the full orchestra behind him, making sure you notice and appreciate that they’re working hard right along with him.

And just wait until he builds to the big finish. You’ll be blown away!

Did you know this hit pop song is from a Broadway musical produced in the 1950s? This hit song from Guys & Dolls tells the story of Sky Masterson, a gambler who dreams of winning a big bet that will decide his fate with the woman he loves.

Do you hear the unforgettable chorus in your mind yet? “Luck, if you’ve ever been a lady to begin with, luck be a lady tonight!” Now it’s your lucky day to see this musical legend bring his unique style to an American classic.

“Study his use of the ‘dice throw’ that happens almost on cue with a snare whack or bass drum thump. Besides having the voice or all voices, his tempo was incredible and he obviously makes it look real easy and completely natural,” commented one observant viewer. “They also do not write lyrics like this anymore, which while sounding completely sexist also seems to be a good amount of advice for both man and woman. Class.”

“What a master!” wrote another happy fan. “With a full orchestra behind him blaring it out and he still roars like a lion – he commands the stage -‘ol blue eyes, the Voice, Chairman of the Board … Sinatra was a gift to the world of entertainment and will live on forever.”

One woman was particularly appreciative of the video. “Front row, outside concert, sharkskin suit, eyes that were the same color of the sky. He looked and looked at me as if I knew him. I felt like lady luck. Miss you, ole blue eyes.

Now’s your chance to catch “ol’ blue eyes” for yourself by clicking the video below. Enjoy it and then share it with a friend.

This Song and Man Are Too Classy for This Day and Age. You Just Don\'t See Talent Like This Anymore