A Friend In Need, A Friend To The Rescue, You Will Watch This At Least Twice!

With amazing trunk strength, comes great responsibility. It almost sounds like a line from a superhero movie, but this story shows us that not all heroes are human and not all wear capes.  If anything, this video opens our eyes to the true power of love, and the bond of friendship between animals and humans when we give others love.

When Darrick Thomson fell into the raging river, his flailing arms made the young elephant think the human was in distress. The swift moving water was quickly carrying Darrick downstream and the young elephant decided to spring into action to save his human friend.

Kham Lha, the elephant rushed towards the submerged human, responding to his thrashing kicks and splashing arms, interpreting those movements as distress signals. He wasn’t actually in any danger and managed to swim to the river’s edge, but the young elephant didn’t know this and crossed the river to make sure he was ok, and to shield his body form any harm.

I love the way the elephant stood guard over Darrick, using his trunk to get Darrick out of the water and shielding the human with his body so that the rushing water did not take the human away. This bond of love shows us that animals respond to love and kindness, and the more positivity we give, the more we get.

No wonder this video went viral, with over 9.3 million views! We love rescue stories, and this one really touched my heart. What about you? Have you been rescued by an animal? What did you think of this video? Write in and let us know your thoughts in the section below.

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