Garth Brooks Released ‘The Dance’ In 1980, And It Is Still Going Strong. AMAZING Song!

Garth brooks has been releasing chart-topping hits ever since he came onto the country music scene in 1989. Not long after he released his first album, Brooks came out with a single that would stick in the hearts of fans for decades to come.

When he released “The Dance” in 1990, Brooks likely had no idea that this song would take off like it did. It quickly climbed to the top of the charts in multiple genres and throughout several countries, and became his signature hit.

Many fans found a deep emotional connection to the tune. “The Dance” was the fourth and final single released from Brooks’ debut album, and touched on some intense subject matter. As the artist explains, the lyrics have a double meaning.

On its surface, “The Dance” is a song about love, and the end of an intensely passionate relationship. Not so clear is its deeper meaning, a story about someone dying due to a strong belief they thought worth sacrificing for.

This double meaning touched many fans on an intimate level, and served to bring Brooks and his listeners closer. It’s a dream of any artist to have their creation mean so much, to so many people.

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