She Gave Her Cockatoo A Bowl Of Broccoli, But Wait Till You See What He Does With It! OMG!

Most of us are not a big fan of eating our vegetables, and broccoli seems to get an especially bad rap. One of the most commonly hated vegetables must be broccoli, and I think that’s a bit unfair, but this bird really doesn’t seem to care about fairness. Broccoli is full of nutrients and it is good for your health, yet no one seems to like it. And as you can see in this hilarious video, we humans are not the only species that hate it so much. Cockatoos feel the same way.

The adorable cockatoo in this clip is named Eric. He is one of most famous birds on the Internet. Eric doesn’t like broccoli, and you will see just how much he dislikes it in this video. He makes it very clear to his owner that he will not be eating any broccoli!

His vet told his parents to incorporate broccoli in his diet to improve his nutrition, but Eric just doesn’t agree. Birds require a surprising amount of variety in their diet in order to get the proper nutrition, but whatever Eric needs, he is refusing to get it from this little green tree-like vegetable.  His reaction to it is pretty funny, although his mom might not think so.

Whenever his mom gives him some, he shreds them to pieces! He even throws the bowl to the ground and curses! He will surely crack you up, but I am starting to feel a bit sorry for his poor mom.

Watch this funny clip below! Do you like broccoli? Let us know what you thought about Eric’s reaction in the comments section!

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