They Gave Their “Big Baby” Her Own Pacifier, But What She Does With It? AWWW!

Babies are all alike. Really, babies of all kinds share so many similarities its crazy! Take a look at this video and you’ll see the 8 month old boxer, Leia, given a pacifier, the same kind we give to human babies. See what she does with it and be amazed!

Leia instinctively takes and starts sucking on it. It has a pacifying effect on her too and before she knows it, she starts drowsing off and very soon she’s asleep! And Princess Leia has the most adorable snores ever!

You have to admit, there aren’t many things cuter than babies with their beloved pacifiers… except maybe a dog who thinks she’s a great big baby enjoying her pacifier!!

You have to admit, the sight of Leia with a pacifier in her mouth is super cute and funny! Send this funny video with your friends and put a smile on their face!