Geese rob cat of treats – he plans revenge that has the internet in splits!

There comes a time in a cat’s life when he has to take a stand. He’s not going to take it anymore. He’s not going to sit and watch idly by while his favorite treats are stolen from him by a pack of thieving geese. The time for diplomacy has passed. It’s time for action!

Luckily, this is one kitty who’s managed to call in the backup. He’s not messing around, and his owner is on hand to be part of the team and give those pesky geese the pasting they so desperately deserve! Man and cat verse a pack of criminal geese. It’s the Hollywood blockbuster you never knew you wanted until now.

As much as we would like to see this on the big screen, we’ll have to settle for YouTube for the time being! Aaron’s Animals is a hilarious channel that spoofs the trials and tribulations of one man living with a bunch of cats. It’s predominately done with camera jiggery-pokery and in a tongue-in-cheek style of course – but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining and his videos have been bringing all the boys and girls to the yard!

Aaron’s video of the moment his pet Prince Michael – actually a real cat – takes on a bunch of geese who have stolen the kitty treats has gone viral, and people have been flocking (pun intended) to his channel as a result. With the two YouTube stars out for a quiet day by the park pond, little did they realize they were in from some serious trouble, as a gaggle of geese had spotted Prince Michael’s cat biscuits. Before they know it, they’re jumped by a load of waterfowl and the cookies are snatched from under their noses!

Prince Michael isn’t going to take that lying down, but he finds out the hard way that cats and water don’t get on. It’s up to Aaron to come up with an awesome plan – A-Team style – to save the day. And what he does will have you crying with laughter.

You’ll soon see why Aaron’s Animals is racking up a huge following on the internet, with this particular video having been viewed nearly five million times! The man clearly has a talent for putting this impressive footage together and making it appear so seamless!

Watch the intense clash below and share with your animal loving family and friends– it’s almost as funny as watching a cat fight a cucumber!