Just a Little Boy and His GIANT Horse on A Bright Sunny Day

Every now and again it really helps to see an uplifting video that brings joy to my heart. What could be more heartwarming than watching this beautiful friendship between a child and his best friend, a giant horse? If it seems like a match made in heaven, that’s because it is.

Animals and kids can perform such incredibly strong bonds and I personally believe that they can only serve them well into adulthood. Pets can be such a positive influence on a young person’s life and that is especially true when those children have disabilities.

Whether they are service animals, therapy companions, or just pets; animals can have an incredible ability to influence the happiness of children. It is a remarkable power that is not easy to obtain. In this video you will witness the incredible bond between Xavier, the young boy, and his pet horse, Savance.

It’s amazing the way the two friends have such a magnetic connection. I would call them ‘soul mates’ — and any sane person who saw these two together certainly would, too.

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Just a Little Boy and His GIANT Horse on A Bright Sunny Day