Giggling squirrel attracts millions of viewers

Who would have thought a critter could sound so happy, and we assume that’s what the sound implies.

Grab a cup of coffee and watch this clip a few times, and you might decide to get yourself a critter pet. Hopefully, the two of you have a similar bond.

The squirrel seems weary of the tickling at some point when it leaves to run around the couch, perhaps in an attempt to calm down and get tickled afresh.

It is a sight for sore eyes and ears. The laughing critter sounds a tad squeamish at times, but what do we know about laughing critters?

The sound of the giggling critter is worth recording and playing back for kids, adults, or even the sickly, with the video, of course. It is unique and therapeutic at that.

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Giggling squirrel attracts millions of viewers