Girl Goes Fishing With Her Daddy Using Toy Rod. I Was Amazed At What Happened Next.

There are a lot of events for a father and a daughter to bond. None are as good as fishing. There’s often a lot of lull time and that can lead to plenty of conversations. It’s peaceful and both can learn a lot about nature while sitting out there in a boat. These sessions can lead to teachable moments and that’s what happens when a girl named Avery goes fishing with her daddy and lands a big fish with her Barbie rod and reel.

We don’t know how long Avery had been waiting there with her Barbie rod, but she’s got a fish on the line and she wants to bring that fish in. That’s much easier said than done. Fortunately, she’s got a patient daddy who helps guide her through the process of reeling in this fish. There are a couple of times that she does falter and is ready to hand the rod over to him but he’s gentle in encouraging to her to keep trying to get the fish in.

Avery’s determined. She’s fighting a fish that’s basically trying to tear the rod out of her hand. I’ve been there. It feels like one arm’s on fire every time you turn the reel. Your other hand, the one anchoring the rod to your body starts getting tired very quickly. It becomes a mind battle as well. You tell yourself “Keep reeling.” Sometimes you worry the pole will snap. I can’t imagine what people who fish for swordfish feel like after they bring one in.

Ultimately, Avery perseveres and her daddy lays it on the floor of the boat. It’s a big fish, indeed. Not as big as some of the bluefish that I’ve caught, but pretty darn impressive for a child- boy or girl – her size. She definitely earned that high-five from her daddy at the end. Fishing is one of the ultimate tests of will. It can be so boring for a long time and then being mentally ready when the fish strikes is important. Maybe next time I’ll try a Barbie rod.

Avery looks like she’s a born fisherperson. What do you think? Leave your comments below!

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