A girl was just casually waterskiing when she looks down and her heart skips a beat.

Have you ever done any type of water sports and wondered what might be under those waters? I sure have, and my thoughts are usually scary. Everything started way back in the 1980s for me. My dad had a National Geographic subscription and on the cover of one of them was the Loch Ness Monster. You know how you sometimes go to parents for some sort of reassurance and you don’t get it?

That was me and my dad. I remember asking him if the Loch Ness Monster was real. He told me he didn’t know, but it could be possible. After that question, you would not make me venture into a lake anymore. Not even those paddleboats many parks have. That raised a lot of questions for an 8-year-old boy whose imagination was already very wild.

Because my dad had told me that the answers to all my questions could be found in the library, that’s where I would spend most afternoons trying to crack the Loch Ness code. My father visited the library every Saturday anyway, and he would be there from like 11 am to like 3 pm. I sometimes went with him but since I wanted to find out as much as I could about Nessie, I would venture with him for the next few weekends.

I checked everything I could find on Nessie and other sightings like the Champlain Lake monster. I dug in newspapers and all sorts of books all the way to the 1800s. Apparently, there had been sightings of these creatures even before recorded history. Tribesmen from all over Europe and the Americas would say that in some areas, you could find beings you would not be able to explain.

After a few months, I went to my dad with my findings. He laughed and told me that I had quite an imagination but that he was more than satisfied with my “scientific spirit.” I understood that there are many animal species we are just learning about, and when it comes to the ocean, the possibilities are endless.

When a girl in the following went waterskiing, she didn’t know she would be making a discovery of her own. She and some of her friends had decided to cool off with some water sports. After watching her friends, it was finally her turn. This was one day she was not going to forget. Everything starts when she puts on her skies and decides to give it a try. She is picking up speed when suddenly, she looks down and can’t believe what she sees!