Gorgeous Performance Of Disney At Christmas! Fairy Tale Town Erupts In Song. So Good!

Disney has always been a place of wonder, with the call from our youth echoing brightly. Disney’s choir starts of this beautifully paced and perfect performance. Considering the crowd, the reaction is amazing. Many with wide, teary eyes, covering their mouths, and holding family close. This is the personification of Christmas. No doubt in my mind.

This astounding choir shows their harmony and dedication through the beautifully known “Andesite Fideles.” A hymn that was dedicated to a man named John Wade. Many also know this wonderful song as a “Come All Ye Faithful.” With the beauty and grace that only Disney and this famous star can deliver, we see the most touching and thoughtful rendition of this most famous of Christmas carols. Her mastery of tone, range and pitch are just amazing. Every time I watch this, I still get goosebumps!

A gentle and mindful intro to this beautiful song. The pitch is perfect, and powerful. Unrelenting, almost as if the point was to make us cry. This gorgeous song is almost a time capsule or a call to our youth and some of the most special moments we still hold dear today. How innocence slowly faded into adulthood. This song reaches back with the skill and grace that only a Disney Princess could deliver on. Boy, does she ever deliver.

The entire crowd filled clad with Santa hats and smiles, they roar with applause and tears. They hold their families close and enjoy the blissful moment. The gorgeous Christmas tree, decorated with an abundance of adorable ornaments. Mickey and the gang scattered throughout this immense Pine tree.

I was simply blown away by how astoundingly beautiful this celebrity sounded. She has all the necessary components for an emotional response of epic proportions. The sounds she makes are so beautiful, I just could not stop watching. What did you think? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment section below. Have a Merry Christmas!

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