Grandma Puts On Some Makeup And Gives Some Tips About This. But Pay Attention To Her Face! LOL!

I bet you have seen millions of makeup tutorials online. But you are undoubtedly going to be in disbelief when this adorable grandma sits down in front of the camera gives some of her valuable makeup tips for New Years Eve. What this incredible grandma really needs is a show of her own! She is amazing!

When Kevin’s granny was asked to film a makeup tutorial for his YouTube channel, no one had any idea what she was going to do. This lady is one of the cutest and the most hysterical person I have seen! You will definitely agree with me when you watch this. Especially when you hear her saying “I used to have beautiful eyebrows, no more! Don’t get old!”

Watch this adorable grandma’s makeup tutorial below. Can your granny do something like that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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