Great Dane Is So Comfy He Doesn’t Want To Get Up. When You See His Precious Face? Aww!

We all can get super comfortable in bed. Now-a-days people have “numbers” for their perfect sleep or rest. But when you find that special spot, where the bed meets your spine in just the right way, and your head feels lighter just from laying down, or even when you’re in the middle of a deep sleep, it appears that’s the moment you should get up. That’s the moment that someone will come in when you are at your most vulnerable and irritable. When you’ve just got it perfect and you are ready to fall into a deep, peaceful, restorative cycle of sleep. You are more than ready for the sweet embrace of sleep and that’s when people suddenly “want their beds back.” It’s unfortunate, it happens, but that doesn’t mean that on our way out we won’t make it hellish for you or at least let you know how avidly we protest this rude awakening.

When we hear the outrage of one Great Dane as he is awakened by dad and mom at three in the morning. I don’t know what kind of sleep pattern they are working on but clearly the Great Dane is not a fan. He makes his protests loud and very noticeable. He is almost coerced off the bed, just as they want, dad playfully pulling his leg and rubbing his belly, trying to speed the process along. Yet the groans and moans from this hilariously cute great Dane will leave you in tears. He’s more than willing to fight for it.

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