These Great Danes Are Helping To Send Donations To Hurricane Harvey Victims

No matter how big or small your struggles are, dogs are always there to support you. They can save us from danger, protect us from harm, and warn us if they think something is wrong. This is all in addition to being playful, cuddly pals that brighten our days, and all of these things combine to make dogs some of the best creatures on the planet.

When disaster strikes, those of us who are fortunate enough to not be harmed are naturally concerned with the well-being of those around us. It’s important to us to help take care of those in need as best we can, and sometimes we do this by volunteering or setting up donations. When this woman collaborated with her friends to collect donation bags for victims of Hurricane Harvey, her dogs decided to do a little inspecting.

Max and Katie are hard-working pooches, so they enjoy carrying things around and lending a helping paw whenever possible. When they checked out these donation bags, however, Katie had something in mind besides helping send these items off to people who need them. Instead, she decided it would be better to take the bag of dog treats back to her cave for safekeeping!

The poor pup has no idea that there are people in severe need of these items, and she thinks the treats are for her and her sibling! If she knew how badly some other dogs might need the food, she would probably be racing out the door to pack them up in the car!

You have to watch these dogs inspecting the bags for yourself. It’s so funny when they come across the treats! Be sure to leave a comment down below with your thoughts on the clip. Then, share the video with your friends and family, and remind them to donate to those in need!