Greek café is kept open all night – you’ll adore the reason why!

Greece has been having a rough time over the past few years, not least because they were one of the countries that were hit hardest by the economic downturn. On the high street, shops and restaurants closed on what seemed like a daily basis. With things looking bleak, locals rallied to help each other pull through the depression. But those needing assistance weren’t always human!

As well as suffering financially, Greece has a long-standing battle with stray dogs. The economy is partly to blame for the sheer numbers of the animals roaming the streets and beaches – with the issue becoming a significant problem come nightfall. Packs of hounds wander freely, scavaging for food and often causing a nuisance of themselves. But with people struggling to make ends meet, taking care of a dog is a stretch too far.

Niki Belissary runs a café with a twist. When the humans have all gone home, the cold and hungry street dogs are allowed to stay. She keeps her establishment open all night as an amazing act of kindness towards these desperate creatures – who have been tossed out and abandoned in these trying times. Street life is tough for these poor pooches – and it can be particularly hard in the winter during colder temperatures. Niki lets them come and go as they please, and as you can see – they’re extremely grateful!

Niki believes that things are changing and people are giving each other a helping hand out of the crisis, and with that, they’re also showing compassion to the strays. Locals have been taking it in turns to feed the starving animals – many of whom at one time would have thought they were set for life as a family pet in a loving home. While many people still can’t afford to adopt a dog or have the necessary space in which to keep one, many are still doing their bit to show a bit of much-needed love.

And it seems punters are enjoying the four-legged clientele in the café too, as the animals play with other customers, dish out doggy cuddles and generally keep smiles on people’s faces. We think it’s adorable that Niki has a heart big enough to let these animals into her café – called “The Hott Spott,” and shelter them for when the weather is bad. We’ve seen and heard many tales of the plight of the Greek street dogs, but it’s nice to know that locals are trying to do something about it.

Don’t miss this heart-warming story in the video below.