After Gronk The Pig Made His Escape, The Police Had To Use This Trick To Find Him!

Nothing is as heartbreaking as losing one of your pets. When you get an animal friend to live with you at home, you have to be prepared for the responsibility of making sure he’s always safe and tagged for easy finding. It’s widely recommended to even put them a microchip, just to make sure they can always be traced back to you. After all, we’ve seen that save many pets before.

A family from Massachusetts went through this very awful experience, since they lost not a dog or a cat, but their pet piglet Gronk! They all live together, as a family that includes people, dogs, and this mischievous piggy. He seems to be the adventurous type, taking every chance he gets to run away.

He made his thrilling escape one morning, when the family accidentally left a door open. Gronk isn’t as radical as he may sound like; he was just a few blocks away from home. But since his family couldn’t find him anywhere, they had to call the police. The officers had to trick him with the smell of some food in order to get him back!

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