This Group Of Yorkie Pups Has Never Been On Grass… Until NOW!

As with all young creatures, play time is sacred, but where you play can make a world of difference. When these little yorkie puppies got to see the great outdoors, their infectious enthusiasm captivated the hearts of their humans.

Everything the little ones do captures the attention of everyone around them. Form their wide eyed stares of the world around them, their curious natures that lead them to sniff out every object and match every smell, and their pure, unadulterated joy in the little things are the reasons why we absolutely adore puppies.

Watch how excited they are to see the green grass as they tumble out of the cute wicker basket they are safely bundled in. The little baby stampede of yorkie puppies is on, and boy, do we LOVE it! Bring it on!!!

There’s o way to describe the pure joy these puppies have. The simple acts of just playing, or even running around on the grass has to be seen. Let me know what you thought of the video in the section below. Their adorable little selves made my day – suddenly my Monday morning blues seems to have disappeared… how about you? SHARE to spread some puppy love!