Gummy Bear Destruction Alert, This Is Not For A Faint Hearted Gummy Bear Fan!! Be Warned!

This video is definitely worth sharing just for the humor value in it. YouTube user HydraulicPress decided to try something different from the conventional objects that are subjected to the pressure of the hydraulic press. I’m guessing he either got this suggestion from his wife who seemed to be laughing in the video out of sight, or from amused viewers who want to test the limits of the press.

Well, this guy took the suggestion seriously with a hilarious commentary that made watching the video even more entertaining. His thick accent (I’m presuming Finnish perhaps?) combined with the dramatic storylines pertaining to his about to be squished subjects made this video an absolute joy to watch.

I love the part when he talks about “An army of extremely dangerous gummy bears that may attack anytime” and then proceeds to lower the hydraulic press so that they meet their sticky end. Oh and the video doesn’t end there. He proceeds to show us a HUGE gummy bear that apparently had mental issues.

Well, snort, that gummy bear was under a lot of pressure – of course he had mental issues. Well, he made short work to that bear, but the poor gummy goliath had to be squished twice, amidst giggles and laughter from his female friend. The little gummy soldiers meet a squishy death and you can see that things get messy in the end.

They fought well, but their efforts were in vain against the unstoppable hydraulic press. Well done, sticky squishy gummy bears.

Have you tried squishing stuff in a press? I love gummy bears and after watching this video, I feel tempted to try this out. Let us know what objects you would like to see squished and if you have ever tried any of this before in the section below. What fun!

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