A guy ignores his girlfriend on kiss cam and his girlfriend gets sweet revenge on him!

Have you ever seen the ‘kiss cam?’ It’s a camera that records people in the audience during the most important sporting events. The place that I’ve seen it most is at basketball matches. During time-outs or as part of the half-time entertainment, this camera goes around the audience and records people who are sitting together. If you’re sitting next to each other, then you must kiss.

Kiss cam has given us some very classic moments. Like the time when it stopped at a young couple who was sitting in attendance for a Lakers game that evening. The guy was looking at his phone while the girl was looking at the jumbotron. When the camera stopped at them, she laughed and signaled to the guy to turn around with her elbow.

The guy gestured a ‘no’ and then proceeded to write something on a paper he had. Everyone in attendance laughed when they saw the guy hold up the paper where he wrote, “She’s my sister.” After that, the camera remained there until he gave her a kiss on the cheek. The funny thing is that about 2 weeks later, the camera focused on them again, but this time, the guy was already prepared with a sign.

Another funny one that I saw was a Nuggets game half-time show. After seeing many couples share a kiss with the crowd, the camera focused on another couple. This time, they didn’t look like they were siblings. So, when they were prompted to kiss, the woman signaled the camera to her other side where her husband was seated. The camera moved, and she gave her husband a kiss.

The next one was also good. This time, the camera focused on a young couple that had a baby with them. When everyone was waiting for them to kiss, they did something that the people there didn’t expect. They held their baby in front of them and kissed the baby on each cheek. Even though it wasn’t what they were expecting, it was a cute moment after all.

The people in the next video decided to do it differently. The camera focuses on another couple, but the man is not looking interested at all. The woman is left without anyone to kiss. That is until she looks the other way and sees a gentleman probably thinking what she was thinking. This time the girlfriend will get the best revenge ever!