What Would Happen If People Acted Like Cats? This Video Will Show You!

Cats get away with things because they are pretty cute. They cuddle and crawl into our laps, push their heads against ours and demand attention. They stare at us with their heads tilted to the side and a strange expression of what can only be translated as complete disdain. They lick themselves and then they lick us. They climb on the counters, they eat with their faces and they purr. And it’s so cute.

If you sit down and think about the behavior of your cat, however, you might begin to wonder what it would look like if a human were to take on some of the qualities and behaviors of a cat.

Suddenly, the cat’s actions seem less adorable and more questionable.

Yes, it’s creepy.

Essentially, what this lesson has taught us is that only cats can get away with acting like cats. But for fun, watch this video to see what would happen if people began to do what cats do on a regular basis.

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