Happy Rat Henta Shows Heart & Smarts Astounding Simon With Cuteness

No matter how your day may be going, a little bit of extra goodness is always welcomed. Laughter is, as the adage goes, the best medicine, and with this wrap-up of amazing auditions, we’ve got a dose of happiness that’ll do you wonders. Each of these performances from across season fourteen will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.

From a larger than life bird who takes a larger than normal poop on stage to Sethward the infamous, you’ll laugh your head off. This time he shows up as a Walrus whose fall is sure to leave you in stitches. From dry wit to stage presence and relatable personality that has you laughing from her first expression, this selection of funny moments brings together all of the best from this unforgettable season.

Season fourteen of America’s Got Talent produced remarkable stars and amazing auditions, but some of the most memorable acts have to be those that made us laugh. We’ve put together all of the highlights from sheer genius to utter ridiculous, with even animal acts in between – all will make you lose yourself in laughter.