He Looks Young, But Don’t Take Your Eyes Off His Arms When He Starts Dancing! I’m Blown Away!

I am not much of a dancer, but when I see someone exhibiting some fancy footwork, I can’t seem to look away. Some of us enjoy being spectators, while some of us love to get on the dance floor ourselves. And if I possessed even half of the moves the little boy in this clip has, I would probably do the latter. Wait till you see how awesome this kid is.

This young guy is called Merrick Hanna and he has some sick moves up his sleeve. In a tie-breaking round during a dance competition called “Sound Split 4?, he managed to wow the judges with what he did on the floor. Even the members of the audience are in complete awe. Hanna made it to the top eight of the competition. This video went viral on Facebook with over 10 Million views.