He pets his little rabbit on the head, watch what happens when he stops… so cute!

Bunnies are generally known to be very docile and gentle creatures. Although many tend to be quite timid, overall, a house rabbit makes for a quiet, calm and affectionate companion. However, while Dan-Dan the rabbit may be super sweet and adorable, he is not your typical bunny.

Who says that only dogs and cats can whine? This ornery little bunny is about to make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about rabbits. Dan-Dan the bunny might be a cute, super affectionate pet, but he’s not very quiet! If you thought bunnies didn’t voice their feelings, think again! This little guy is guaranteed to make you smile with his adorable little temper tantrum.

Dan-Dan absolutely loves getting pets from his human. This sweet little guy is so happy to just cuddle under a blanket and soak up all of the attention that he can get from his owner. If we could spend the day with Dan-Dan, we’d never want to leave his side! His need for affection just tugs on our heartstrings. We’re sure Dan-Dan will do the same to you!

Just when you thought this rabbit couldn’t get any cuter, wait until you see what this fuzzy bunny does when his owner stops petting him! The tantrum he throws in frustration will be the CUTEST thing that you see ALL day! I am pretty sure he is saying don’t stop yet.

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