Hear two unique version of ‘Taps’ played at Arlington Cemetery

‘Taps’ played at Arlington Cemetery

The song ‘Taps’ was originally played at Harrison’s Landing, Virginia, all the way back in July of 1892. It was adopted by both the Union and Confederate forces within 9 months from the first time it was played.

‘Taps’ became a standard component of US military funerals in 1891. The buglers of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” perform over 5000 missions a year in Arlington National Cemetery, located in Virginia.

It is a solemn tune as the bugler SSG Jesse Tubb stands surrounded by gravestones, a stoic look on his face. The skies are clear, the grass is green and lush, and the trees stand tall.

The scene is similar for SSG Drew Fremder, playing the bugler with a similar expression. This time the place is covered in snow, and he is dressed warmly.

‘Taps’ played at Arlington Cemetery

He plays ‘Taps’ on his bugler as pristine white flakes fall slowly from the skies. Staring into the distance, he continues the classic tune to pay respect to the fallen.

If you listen closely enough you can hear the sound of the snow landing around him. It is a scene filled with serenity, solitude, and peace.

They both end the piece with a respectful salute, standing unmoving in the middle of the cemetery. No more music fills the air and a thoughtful silence takes over.

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