They Were Heartbroken To Leave Their Dog Behind. But What Their Dad Secretly Did SHOCKED Them!

When this family was all set to go on a vacation, they couldn’t imagine leaving their dog behind. It was going to be the bulldog’s first stay at a kennel and it would no doubt be hard for both the parties. That is until dad came up with a genius idea to make their dog feel at home.

Kai, the owner of Igor the bulldog, couldn’t stand the thought of leaving his precious dog behind, since he hadn’t spent a single night away from his family. So he planned a brilliant surprise for their pooch for his first kennel visit. This is love at its best.

Igor is from Lillestrom, Norway and he is a little sweetie with the cutest bulldog face you have ever seen. I can understand why the family had a hard time leaving him. They family was taking a trip to Thailand and of course, Igor couldn’t go. He had to stay in a kennel, which he had never experienced before. Dad wanted Igor to feel at home in the kennel, so enlisted the help of some friends to make it happen.

On the day of their departure, dad loaded Igor in the car while his friends were busy at the kennel. When the family arrived, no one knew about the surprise except dad. Wait until you see it and wait until you see the family’s reaction.

All I can say is that this one lucky bulldog, and one dog owner who is in love with his dog. I hope he loves his wife this much, or she is surely going to be jealous!

Watch how Igor experienced a glorious home away from home below! Isn’t he loved? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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