Heartwarming Reddit video of a boy and his dog goes viral

You can almost hear the dog say, “Mush!”

A boy is playing in the snow with his dog. Instead of expecting the dog to pull a sled, he gives his dog a ride.

The boy attached a rope from the post below the bike’s seat to the sled. As he peddles, the sled is pulled across the snow.

The dog sits on the sled. He smiles, looking eager to take a ride like he has done it before and knows what to expect.

The boy struggles to pedal the bike in the deepening snow. By pumping hard, the bike begins to roll and pull the sled behind it.

The boy kindly looks back at his dog, like he is making sure the dog is OK. The dog seems to enjoy getting to ride. It’s a special moment they both will share forever.

Kid from Romania enjoying the snow with his dog 🙂 from aww